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Recycling those little containers

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We all have them, so what do we do with them.
We do recycle many things every week back to the source, but there are so many uses for empty jars, and containers, and what we can store in them is endless.
Not all containers need to store foods, some can be made useful in pretty chic ways too.

What to store in them is certainly up to you, but some ideas are:
Button, notions, tacks and board pins, pens, jewelry, clips, rubber bands, etc.

There are numerous ways to decorate these containers using labels you can get for free.

Great recycled containers include: Coffee creamer, coffee cans, spice bottles, tea tins, just to name a few. Some, such as tea tins, come with a design already printed in, or you can design your own using wrapping paper, acrylic paints, and so much more.

One of my favorite things to do with those little glass jars with the metal screw tops, is to put a screw through the top and screw it to the underside of a set of shelves in my sewing closet, or in the garage. Have your nails, screws, or buttons and other sewing notions at your fingertips, and best of all, you can see what is in the jar, no hunting for the right jar while unscrewing each and every one.

Below I challenge my readers to begin posting lists or ideas for the following:

1. Types of container ideas (you may give particular product examples if needed)

2. Design ideas for the container type

3. Uses for the containers (what to store in them)

4. Resources for free labels, or other free graphics for this storage project.

Answer any or all of the 4 questions above.

So, what are your ideas?

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